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Dr. James Larmour
Your Fairfax Chiropractor

" Dr. Larmour has been instrumental in maintaining and improving my overall health. He was actively involved with increasing my VA disability and helping me through the entire process. His treatment of adjustments and acupuncture are critical to my pain management. Dr. Larmour was the doctor who found the sources of my pain. The front desk staff are always friendly, professional and helpful. "


"I have trusted only one doctor, Dr. James Larmour, to treat my family for more than a decade. I first started seeing Dr. Larmour in July 2005 for my chronic low back pain. The great help Dr. Larmour’s adjustments provide me, as well as his holistic approach to my treatment, is a welcome change from other doctors. Dr. Larmour’s caring and thoughtful approach to my care as well as his no-nonsense attitude proved to me that it would be impossible to find a better chiropractor anywhere. In 2005 my five children, then ages one through twelve, started chiropractic preventative maintenance treatments with Dr. Larmour. Over the years, my children’s aches and pains were promptly addressed by Dr. Larmour. I am confident that Dr. Larmour’s early intervention in my children’s spinal health will prevent them from suffering in adulthood as I do with chronic back pain."

K. Flint

" I had pain and stiffness in my middle finger and was wary of simply taking pain medicine to decrease the pain; I wanted an actual solution to the problem. Doctor Larmour told me it was a neck problem… I thought he was crazy! He sent me for a neck MRI- it revealed moderate arthritis in my neck vertebrae and a pinched nerve! Doctor Larmour utilized chiropractic techniques to help repair my neck and it significantly helped my middle finger in the process. I continue to see Doctor Larmour for regular adjustments. He has also helped me with other health and pain issues, too. I frequently recommend Doctor Larmour to friends, who have also become regular patients. I cannot recommend Doctor Larmour enough! "

Joshua R.

" I have been coming to see Doc after recommendation from a friend two years ago. I had previously been to a chiropractor that messed up my back even more, so I was hesitant to try another chiropractor. I’m so happy I gave it another shot! The first 6 months I did acupuncture because I was still scared of doing an adjustment. Doc was very patient, offered nutrition advice, and had great stories, so I learned to trust him. Doc reviewed some of the x-rays I had done for the previous chiropractor and told me that I had two bulged discs in my lower back, mild scoliosis, and the curve in my neck was backwards. None of this I had heard from two other doctors that had reviewed the x-rays before. Since I have been doing adjustments and receiving treatment by Doc I have gone from barely being able to sit in a chair or lay in bed without pain to being able to sleep on my back again! Everyone in the office is super nice! They always have a sunny disposition and don’t mind booking/ cancelling last minute appointments. I always leave the office feeling better; physically and mentally. If you need a chiropractor DO NOT go anywhere else! I even drive 45 minutes each way to get here and it’s totally worth it! "

Nikki R.

     “I began acupuncture in July 2001; in 2003 our acupuncturist left the area. When he left, he gave us a name of a Chiropractor/ Acupuncturist that he recommended. We met Dr. Larmour and became his patients. Dr. Larmour is a very knowledgeable and intuitive man. I had a knee replacement in 2014 and Dr. Larmour used acupuncture to help ease the pain. I do acupuncture for pain and to help my general overall health. He has managed to help me lose weight and eat right. I will continue working with him for pain management and chiropractic needs, and if I ever get sick, he will be the first doctor I will see. Dr. Larmour is truly a master at what he does. I recommend Dr. Larmour highly and he will always be a part of my life."

Marilyn E.

     "As an active adult, I have twice found myself in dire need of the chiropractic services of Dr. James Larmour. Back in the summer of 2012, I took a bad fall from a horse. I could not stand up straight and could not walk without excruciating pain. After an examination in the emergency room, I was sent home with pain medication and no course of treatment. Within three days of no improvement, I went to see Dr. Larmour. He was caring, compassionate, and thorough in his assessment of my injuries and overall health. He began a course of treatment that gave me immediate pain relief and I gradually regained the ability to stand up straight again. After several weeks, the good Doctor noted that I was still not walking with a normal gait and referred me for an MRI and to see an Orthopedic. The MRI showed pelvic fractures that were the culprit. Dr. Larmour used this information to modify my treatment and soon I returned to my normal activities and was back horseback riding. In 2015, I again ended up with debilitating low back pain and returned to seek the assistance of Dr. Larmour. After initial chiropractic treatment and several tests to include another MRI, I received the bad news of having an annular tear and an unhealthy low back. Armed with this diagnosis, the good doctor and his staff have provided me with quality care and attention to get me out of pain and back on track to normal activity. Thanks to Dr. Larmour, I am on the road to having a healthy back and he has given me knowledge that will sustain my active lifestyle into the future. Dr. Larmour is the most positive, engaging, caring, health professional that I have ever encountered and I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me."

Jackie B.

     "I first met Dr. Larmour in 1990 when I was being treated for a lower back injury from motorcycle training. His positive demeanor is an integral part of treatment as he strives to ensure that every behavior moves you toward improvement of any pain or injury you arrive with. I was thrilled to see him back in the NOVA area several years ago after another injury and he remembered me from the previous practice. Dr. Larmour applies overall health and wellness in treating his patients and often suggests practices that will improve both back health and overall health. I continue to see Dr. Larmour for “tune ups” and general guidance on how to “live and be well until you’re 114!” He is the same positive, encouraging and confident practitioner and will work diligently to create a plan to fix your issues."

Jeanne O.

     "I started treatment with Dr. Larmour in 2012. I had been treated for massive leg and hip pain for several months with P.T. and pain medication. After only one acupuncture treatment my pain was reduced. I’ve continued treatment and the pain hasn't returned. I would highly recommend acupuncture for anyone suffering from chronic pain or wanting better health. Acupuncture is now part of my total well being. Dr Larmour has a team of professional and caring staff members that make you feel like family."


     " I have been visiting Dr. Larmour for almost a decade. He always puts the customer first and has been very flexible as we work out competing schedules. Dr. Larmour also gives total health advice as his previous RN experience is very beneficial. I would strongly recommend him as my chiropractor."


     " Larmour Chiropractic has provided me excellent support as I’ve tried to take a more holistic approach to improving my health. I really appreciate the diagnostic approach Dr. Larmour took to helping me identify long-standing health issues. The holistic protocol he designed for me includes acupuncture, exercises, and more traditional chiropractic methods including ultrasound therapy; that have been very effective at increasing my well being. The entire staff is very friendly, professional, and accommodating. I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Larmour’s if you’re seeking a natural, gentle, and effective path to improving your energy levels, digestive function, or scoliosis"

Evelyn T

After talking with Dr. Larmour he recommended that I start taking Vitamin D protocol. After taking the supplement and getting new labs done, my Vitamin D levels had doubled from the previous year. Overall, I have improved, and I can’t thank Dr. Larmour enough for his recommendation and care.


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