When Was the Last Time You Did Something Good for Your Body?

Really though, when was? Health is a participatory event, not a spectator sport. And it's life-long! There is a variety of things that help keep you healthy, including (but not limited to) chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, supplementation, good nutrition, and exercise. Sure that's a long list, but you don't have to do all of these- especially not at the same time!

Chiropractic care- We all know the spine is important, both structurally and neurologically. Have you heard enough about this already??

Physical therapy- improve mobility and relieve pain! It also helps to avoid taking prescriptions or having surgery.

Acupuncture- Eastern medicine uses acupuncture to balance the chi, or life force, in the body. Western medicine uses it to stimulate nerves that increase the body's natural painkillers and increase circulation. We do both here ;)

Massage- helps with relaxation and well-being. Plus, it's always nice to work out those sore muscles. The body wasn't meant to be tense all the time.

Supplementation- It can be really difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals we're supposed to have, and supplements can help get there. Plus some people may function better with a little more or less of one or another supplement.

Nutrition- This one is a no brainer! Giving your body the proper fuel makes a world of difference in health and quality of life. We're also learning how much nutrition is related to brain health (click here for more information).

Exercise- Your body was meant to move. So let it. This one is also pretty straight forward.

And hey, honestly? Splurging every once in a while is good for your body too! While some things are best to stay away from on a regular basis, indulging sometimes can be really good for your mental health, which has huge implications for your overall health as well. So go ahead, have that cookie and watch a movie. Just not all the time ;)

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